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Nottinghill Equestrian Estate Situated outside White River, Mpumalanga offering the best and biggest stabling/livery yard, riding school, horse riding lessons, horse training/schooling, tack shop and hosting horse shows, events and competitions
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Handy Hints by Dr Rensia de Wet

Nottinghill Equestrian Estate is based just outside of White River, in Mpumalanga and near to Nelspruit. Offering a large Stable yard for Horse livery purposes as well as qualified horse riding instructors for the riding school & training for horse events, shows and competitions. Also access to a Tack shop called Kraai's Nest Tack Shop on the premises. Outrides, training of horses as well as leasing and half leasing of horses.

How to prevent thrush:

Mix bleach and water 50/50 and spray it under your horse's hooves once a week. This disinfects the fragile frog.


Broodmares and Deworming:

Because foals should not be dewormed until they are 60-70 days old the MARE should be given IVERMECTIN within 24-48 hours of foaling regardless of het previous fecal egg count results, then resume her normal schedule. This reduces the foal’s exposure to any parasites that could be passed in the mare’s manure and milk.


Insect Repellant:

Apparently VANILLA Extract can be used as an Insect Repellant. I haven't tried it yet but would love feedback from those who do....but making the Vanilla Extract sounds mmmm good:


What you need to make Vanilla Extract:
Vanilla beans
Round glass bottels (which can contain 100ml liquid)
The good part....Brandy, Vodka or Rum


Do the following:
Cut the vanilla bean in the length and scrape out the seeds.
Place the vanilla seeds and the scraped vanilla bean in the empty bottles.
Fill the bottles with the brandy, vodka or rum (drink the left overs?!!)
Seal the bottles tightly and shake.
Store in a cool, dry area for 6 weeks before use.
You can use this extract in a chocolate cake or milk tart....but


We want to make Natural Insect Repellant:

Apparently mosquitoes cannot stand the smell of vanilla, so lets hope flies and midges have the same adversity!

Mix Vanilla Extract and Water 50/50 in a spray bottle.
Spray on your horse to keep all unwanted insects away.


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